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30th May 2010

pros locations 2010

Some pros locations I've done this year, streets etc will be added later

Spy ProbeCollapse )

Madness of Mickey HamiltonCollapse )

It's only a beautiful pictureCollapse )

takeawayCollapse )

25th May 2009

I had no screencaps this time and just scribbled down some locations from 'the book', where I might happen to walk along.

Operation SusieCollapse )

DiagCollapse )

Fall GirlCollapse )

Hunter HuntedCollapse )

The GunCollapse )

23rd May 2008

Thanks tons to Bob Rocca, who helped me, to find the right graveyard after all (Unfortunately on the scripts were several ones listed).
It is definitely Highgate (where I already went last year and searched without success).

Now I finally got my piccies for the graveyard location *beams*

Without screencaps (and even with them) it was very tricky to discover the right places (so I numbered the main tombstones).
It makes you wonder, how the eps were filmed :sigh:

pics under the cutCollapse )
On our last day we went to Tower Bridge and had a look at the old Wharft Buildings or what had become of them.
I remembered, that somewhere must be the location for foxhole and we were lucky:

The building looks very derelict and I wonder how long it takes, until it will be demolished.

14th September 2007

So here are my location visits this time :)

I revisited the locations for Fall Girl and Blind Run (for the last thanks to londonronnie who made some awsome pics on their trip on the canal).

Btw, we did made a trip on the canal, but not with Jasons :( We ended up in Little Venice and
walked up from there to Kensal Town.

Doyle follows Bodie to the Hotel, and in 'Blind Run' the baddies trying to stop the lads on the canal.

Fall Girl/Blind RunCollapse )

17th August 2007

The lads are collecting the desk for Cowley (according to Dave's site it's Ossian Rd, Finsbury)

Acorn Syndrome 1Collapse )

The street where the cars were changed over and Bodie missed to bug the car *g* (Borehamwood)

Acorn Syndrome 2Collapse )
Again, one of Bob's sudden stops.

The lads are driving along the street (wherever this was)

Cry WolfCollapse )
Doyle is on his way from the Coroner's Court to his car, already observed by Mayli. (St.Pancras)

diag 1Collapse )

Bodie's follows Mayli out of the Hotel (Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel)

diag 2Collapse )

diag 3Collapse )
Bodie and Cowley standing at the prow of the boat at the Marina. (Harleyford Marina, between Marlow and Henley).
It's a fantastic and posh Marina within a huge Park, take a look, if you like: http://www.harleyford.co.uk/

Bodie and Keller driving into the park,then leaving after the shootout (Finsbury Park)

kickback 1Collapse )

kickback 2Collapse )
Doyle follows Bodie to the Hotel (Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum, Gloucester Rd)

fall girl 1Collapse )

fall girl 2Collapse )

Bodie's up to his Hotel room. According to the Ep they used Room# 2013 + 2015, which are on the 20th floor.
Emm, yes, we went there, the Japanese Ladies stayed at the Hotel and so we took the opportunity to visit the 20th floor. (please don't ask)
On Bodies & Marikka's door was the 'do not disturb' sign, which gave us a bit of a giggle ;)

fall girl 3Collapse )
Bodie is talking to the teacher and noticed that the boy and his friend is missing, he starts to chase after them.
(Rokesly Junior School in Crouch End, N8, refering to Dave Mathews's side the boys wander out onto Rokesly Avenue, TottenhamLane and Ferme Park Road)

you'll be alright 1Collapse )

you'll be alright 2Collapse )

With a little help from some construction worker he discovers the two and brings them back.

you'll be alright 1Collapse )
Again not much to compare, but the hangar is still there. But we couldn't get much nearer.
I needed to sneak in someones frontgarden to take the pics *g* (White Waltham)

Its only a beautiful pictureCollapse )
Bodie leaves the Training Ground (Warfield Hall, Berkshire)

wild justice 1Collapse )

The Seven Stars Pub (again, a real Name) (Maidenhead)

wild justice 2Collapse )
Bodie and Doyle on their way to the Library (Highbury, North London)

FugitiveCollapse )

The house of the Shaw family, not much to see, but we went there ;). So only three pics I took and one screencap (nothing really to compare at least) (Forest Road, Warfield)

Weekend in the CountryCollapse )
Bodie's Flat in Purging of CI5 (Landsdowne Cresent, Notting Hill)

Purging1Collapse )

Purging2Collapse )
Raiding of the Bedding Shop and Bodie chases one of the villain (can't remmeber where this was, it was one of Bob's intuitional stops *g*)

runner 1Collapse )

runner 2Collapse )

The shooting at the casino (Muswell Hill)

runner 3Collapse )

runner 4Collapse )

Doyle follows Sylvie to the Bus Stop (Crouch Hill)

runner 5Collapse )
The lads going to pick up Malenski, who tries to run off. (Green Road)

stopover 1Collapse )

stopover 2Collapse )

Bodie and Doyle arrive at Radouk's House (Friern Barnet Lane, N20)

stopover 3Collapse )
The lads and Charlie driving around Kensal Rise Area

blind run 1Collapse )

blind run 2Collapse )

The Tunnel Shootout (Ellesmere Ave, London)

blind run 3Collapse )

blind run 4Collapse )

And off to Safehouse 1 (Maidenhead)

blind run 5Collapse )

blind run 6Collapse )

Safehouse 2, which is nowadays a Hotel (and was once the location for 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' too) (Oakly Court, Bray)

blind run 7Collapse )

Bodie on his way to enter Phillipa's boat (Grand Union Canal, Ladbroke Grove)

blind run 8Collapse )
The whole car chase with the FBI agent (Mill Hill)

mwap 1Collapse )

mwap 2Collapse )

mwap 3Collapse )

mwap 4Collapse )

mwap 5Collapse )

mwap 6Collapse )</lj-cut
The bridge where Bodie loses the dinghy ( Springwell Lane, between Rickmansworth and Harefield)

Btw, do you remember them driving through these very, very narrow road, just space for one car and hedges left and right ?? I could slap myself, we did drove through that road and I didn't took pictures. Anyway, it was like doing the car chase ourselves *g*

close quartersCollapse )
The Black Bull pub (actual name 'The Red Cow',lol) where Nesbitt injects the ADX into the beer pumps (Slough).
Don't ask, where the turnaround is, this was one of Bob's usually suggestions while we stopped somewhere ('just take a photo, if you see the ep you know what I mean').
Well, it's not much recognisable but it should be that one.

Private Madness 1Collapse )

That's where one's car crashed after tasting the ADX and Cowley shows up afterwards (also in Slough)

Private Madness 2Collapse )
The lads are off to drive to Anne's House (Hammersmith Bridge and again Windsor)

Female Factor 1Collapse )

They arrive and Doyle kicks the window in *g*

Female Factor 2Collapse )
The villains leaving, and Mad Tommy arrives at Jock's Cafe (which was a real location and still have the same name - Brands Hill, Colnbrook)

Jock's CafeCollapse )

Heroes 1Collapse )

The Hotel where the newly weds stayed (Marlow)

Heroes 2Collapse )
The lads chasing Tommy, hardly to recognize apart from the one before the last pic :sigh: (Amersham)

Killer with a long arm 1Collapse )

Killer with a long arm 2Collapse )
First pic the bank robbery (Windsor again) and the lads arrive at Benny's flat (Hazlewood Tower, opposite Trellick Tower).

Where the jungle ends 1Collapse )

Where the jungle ends 2Collapse )
Charley Turkel leaves the prison (Eton College) and below the Military Base where the villains get the Grenades (Harefield Hospital)

old dogs with new tricks 1Collapse )

Doyle susses things out and afterwards Bodie and Doyle are on their way to take the suit back

old dogs with new tricks 2Collapse )

8th October 2006

Holland Park and Westminster Pier.

WDWCollapse )

WDW1Collapse )
Doyle's Flat in 'Hunter Hunted' at Cliff Road (Camden). Still looks the same today.
I was thinking of to ring the bell at the Flat but at least I was a coward ;) Maybe one day when someone else is with me *g* Would be interesting to see how the Flat look inside today.
Thinking about that I'm not sure if I would be amused if some stranger attend on my doorstep to have a look at my flat.

HHCollapse )

HH1Collapse )
These are the last ones, just some pics I took while strolling around London, places in the city you just pass by.

First ones are from the opening credits, if you leave Tower Hill tube station turn right and you walk into Trinity Square,the street Bodie,Doyle & Cowley walking down.

opening creditsCollapse )

In 'First Night' we see the Royal Festival Hall (Southbank). The buldings changed a lot but the walkway where Bodie picks up the shell casing looks still the same.
The stairs where the hoovercraft leaves is also still recognisable.
The last pic shows the corner where Doye drops his (soon to be ex) girlfriend.

First NightCollapse )

First Night1Collapse )

In 'You'll be alright' Doyle meets Cowley at St.Paul's Cathedral.

you'll be alrightCollapse )

In 'Man without a Past' Doyle has a chat with the probation officer at 'Stamford Street'.
In the backgorund you can see 'Waterloo Station'.

mwapCollapse )

mwap1Collapse )

In 'Blackout' Stuart and Doyle meet at Southbank.

BOCollapse )

First pic is the opening scene from 'Backtrack', only this house is still standing on the street.
The second and third pic bring us back to the 'Rogue' location at Raneleagh Gardens.

btCollapse )

bt1Collapse )

3rd October 2006

Well, on my first day in London I met two german fans who were there on their last day. We met at 'The Scarsdale Tavern' and because it hadn't open at the time we decided to visit some places around Kensington.

I wasn't sure in which order I should post the pic so I decided I will post them
according to an episode.

Here are the first two pics (no locations but from press shooting)

Thurloe SquareCollapse )

Thurloe Square1Collapse )

Afterwards we went to Holland Park ( guess we will never get pics from inside because it was closed as usual and it seems that the big tent is a fixed one),
Here are the already well known views ;) But hey, I was there *g*

Fall Girl/Holland ParkCollapse )

By the time we were finished we went back to the Scarsdale Tavern (which btw became our local during the two weeks), nice place, very good food and drinks and a Pros Location, you can't ask for more...

Fall Girl/ScarsdaleCollapse )

Fall Girl/Scarsdale1Collapse )

Fall Girl/Scarsdale2Collapse )

I'm not sure if I get the right pic for the Ashburn Place where Bodie get the flowers because the aera changed so much. But the big ugly Holiday Inn Hotel must be the one where Bodie discovered Doyle from above and the place is in front of the Hotel.
After some refreshing drinks at the Pub we went on to Ennismore Gardens, where Bodie and Doyle picked up Cowley

Need to knowCollapse )

It's still questionable which house is the Pros one, we guessed it could be No. 19, because if you look at both pics you see some sort of gutter on the front wall and also a balcony on the left side.
No. 19 was the only one with that sort of thing.
But as most of the houses were undergone reconstructions its difficult to say.

Just a short walk from Ennismore Gardens you'll find the Royal Albert Hall, which also changed its look throughout the years

A hiding to nothingCollapse )

A hiding to nothing1Collapse )
My Diag location starts with the hearing at St. Pancras Coroner Court after the car chase and the explosion.
The Court is a very small building, dunno if it was a chapel or something way back.

StPancrasCollapse )

Bodie and Doyle left the building, Bodie wants a drink but Ray says he got some chores to do

Diag1Collapse )

Diag2Collapse )

Doyle parks his car and we see him walking to his flat (at Oakwood Court)

Diag3Collapse )

then he went to his launderette ( big thanks to metabolick and her fantastic pros location guide which lead us to this location easily)
For the last pic my bf was walking in front of me and I couldn't resist *g*

Diag6Collapse )

We all know what happens then........later Bodie recalls the day to Cowley (Camden Lock Market)

Diag4Collapse )

Diag5Collapse )

While Ray is fighting for his life at the hospital he has some very sureal dreams of walking through graveyards and 'talking' about sense of life with Cowley (Kensal Green Cemetery).
It must have looked very strange if someone would have seen me there running around with Screen Prints around tombstones ;)

Diag6Collapse )

Diag7Collapse )

Diag8Collapse )
Bodie: "Three Inches ?" Doyle: "Four" - Nothing else to say...
(37 Doneraile Street, near Putney Bridge)

spy probe1Collapse )

spy probe2Collapse )
As it was a beautiful warm late Summer Day I decided to walk to this location.
I love the wonderful London Parks - I started at Kensington Gardens over to Hyde Park, then a walk through the streets of Marylebone up to Regents Park and then I arrived at Primrose Hill (don't ask how I felt afterwards coz it was quite a long walk). So I rested on the Hill and enjoyed the view over London before taking my photos.

Cowley meets the lads at Primrose Hill to give them some files.

Quinn1Collapse )

Quinn2Collapse )

Quinn3Collapse )

The lads chasing Quinn who bumps into a car while driving around a corner

Quinn4Collapse )

Cowley wants to buy some toothbrush and disappeared. But Bodie has double-bugged him.

Quinn5Collapse )
Not a very popular ep of mine but it has its moments (Bodie stripping in the back of the capri *g*).
Wachting this ep I stumbled over the sign 'London University'. If I ever had had the chance to study in London I would loved to do it in such surrounding aera.
I googled a lot and found out about that location. It's in fact part of the London University called exactly 'Goodenough College' and its situated at Mecklenburgh Sq (near Russell Sq). And it was one of the places who didn't changed a lot.
We went there on a Sunday and I took my pics outside (Doyle meets Anita at the entrance, later Bodie delivers Doyle at the college).
To go inside we had to pass some sort of reception. We were asked if we were there on Saturday (there was an open House day in London then) which we denied.
After thinking for a moment the Lady let us sign into a book, very official - Name, sign in / sign out Date/time and then we were inside.
Such a lovely place to be, we just sat there for a while and relaxed.

And I took my pics, of course, Anita's talking to Doyle inside the University.

blood sports1Collapse )

blood sports2Collapse )

blood sports3Collapse )

Later in the ep we see Doyle follow Lacoste who leaves a taxi at Chalk Farm tube station. Doyle parks on the pavement and chases after him.
Doyles follows the man in-and outside the station.

blood sports4Collapse )

blood sports5Collapse )

blood sports6Collapse )
This location hasn't changed a bit, it still looks the same as in Pros days. A very nice place to live :) (Raneleigh Gardens / Hurlingham Courts, a short walk from Putney Bridge)

The lads are on their way to pick up Alex Bolt. Well, no luck he fell off the window afore.
After they picked up Barry at the hospital and gave him a lift home they went to the Blue Anchor with his girlfriend (Another Pub I can recommend, its not far from Hammersmith Bridge, at the end of Lower Mall)

rogue1Collapse )

rogue2Collapse )

To find out where Martins girlfriend lives the lads waking the poor man from the Chinese Takeaway (Rainsford Street).
The last pic shows the street where Geronimo was pulled over.

rogue3Collapse )

rogue4Collapse )
This was the day I ran around Kensal Green Cemetry. As the Union Canal proceed at the back of the cemetry I walked afterwards along the Canal from Scrubs Lane up to Ladbroke Grove.
Another nice place for a walk.
And here it happened what I feared most. Only three screen prints in Hands. (For sure, the next time I will carry a portable DVD Player with me !!).
I took some pics just in case I could use them maybe afterwards (lucky me).

In the first pic you see the lads driving around to get rid of their tails.
In the second one we see Bodie driving to the canal and where I totally failed with my pics. I first thought this were the place where Doyle jumps on the boat and then realised it couldn't be that place.
And because I had no prints of Bodie's driving I did not match the right angle. But be assured it still looks the same :)

br1Collapse )

We see Doyle jumps on Phillipas boat (this aera changed a lot, new buildings, but the wall is still behind all the plants) then we see the boat drive to the bridge.

br2Collapse )

br3Collapse )
After visited the location for 'Blind Run' it took me just some footsteps and I was at Kensal Road
where some scenes 'In the public Interest' were filmed.
Unfortuneately this aera changed a lot, many buildings are long gone.

In the first pic Doyle took some photos, beneath the view today.
The Pub changed a bit since then.
I went in there to have a drink and I talked to the waitress.
She was wondering about the screencaps so I told her what I was doing. She became very intersted but unfortuneately she came from Poland only a few months ago to study Film (!) in London.
She never heard about 'The Professionals' but she told me the Pub was used for several locations before,i.a. a long time for a british family series (sorry, I can't remember the name).
And a lot of famous people tend to drink there like one bloke from AHA who came in the other day.
Useless to say nobody famous came in when I was there *g*.
But she showed me some pics how the Pub looked like in earlier years, I tried to take a photo, and you can recognise it could be one from around Pros days.

public interest1Collapse )

The lads ran along Adelia Street into Kensal Road and then turn over to West Row (hardly to recognise today except the view from Kensal Road).

public interest2Collapse )

public interest3Collapse )
Ray's love desaster, but one of my favourite eps.

The ep starts with a view of Stamford Court (on Goldhawk Street). And we see Bodie and Doyle
running from Ravenscourt Gardens into Goldhawk Street.
Then the scence after the shooting outside Stamfort Court.

involvement1Collapse )

involvement2Collapse )

Ray is walking with Ann in the Park (Ravenscourt Park), he wants to go something to eat, she wants to talk ( Doyle: "I could always dive in and wrestle a duck" *bg*).
Bodie interrupts the chat, duties calling.
I always wonder with what both would came up without Bodies arriving.

involvement3Collapse )</lj-c
After I took the location pics for In the public image I went on to Trellick Tower.
If you walk up Kensal Road you can see TT in the background. I'ts not a very nice but by all means an impressive view.
More to find about TT here Wikipedia Trellick Tower (thanks again to metabolick, nicked the link from her Pros tour).
It's not quite a part of London where I want to live, I felt not unsafe, but I agree with metabolick that this Part is run down. And very multicultural in every way.

We see MH walking up to TT and see Cowley and Bodie arriving there.

mh1Collapse )

Like metabolick I managed to get into the building when someone was leaving but unlike her experience with the concierge mine was very nice. He was interested into the screen shots and surprised that the building was used as a TV location.
We had a nice chat and he encouraged me to take my pic.

Cowley and Bodie enter the building, and the pic inside TT then and now.

mh2Collapse )
We see Ann Seaford running over Hammersmith Bridge which not changed a lot within the years.
She arrived at Doyle's old Flat at the end of the bridge.

FF1Collapse )

She's looking at the door buzzers and as you can see it's still the same one. But unfortuneately Ray doens't live there anymore.
After informed by Ray's old neighbour the lads checking the aera.

FF2Collapse )

We'll see them resting at the walkway shortly before Bodie discovered Ann's body on the riverbank.
The police carries her away, view of the ramp today.

FF3Collapse )
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